Covid-19 Strategies & Precautionary Measures 2020/21

St Boniface School is ready to start the 2020-2021 school year.  Below is the list of procedures that will be followed as the school year begins on August 28th.  The list is fluid and changing, keeping in line with the state/archdiocese and county guidelines, so check back often to see the most updated list.


*Students will follow the school calendar with a 5 day a week schedule.

*Class sizes will be limited as to accommodate all students safely.

*Students, teachers and any volunteers into the school will be required to wear facial masks and coverings. 

*Students, teachers and anyone coming into our building will have a temperature scan.  Anyone with a reading of 100° or higher will be asked to leave the premises.

 *Classrooms will be set up with a distance of 6 feet between students. In situations where social distancing will be hard to maintain students will need to wear a mask. (moving in the hallway to recess- lunch- specials)

*Students in grades 6-8 where classes move from room to room will now remain in their homeroom with the teachers moving from room to room.

*Disinfecting will take place on a continual basis during the day with a thorough cleaning at the end of each day.

*Any shared supplies (think art scissors, playground equipment, gym equipment ) will be disinfected between classes.

*Outside Playground area will be disinfected after each recess.

*Students will be encouraged to play games/activities that involve social distancing.  Games where social distancing can not be maintained will not be allowed.

*Frequent hand washing will be encouraged with a maximum of two people in the restroom at a time.

*Lunchroom tables will accommodate 6 students to a table.  Teachers and volunteers will disinfect tables/benches between lunches.

*Lockers will be assigned with space between for students and measures will be taken so not all students are in the hallway at the same time.