Curriculum Enhancements

St. Boniface recognizes educational experience is about more than just learning from a book. We provide excellent activities to enhance learning in all grades, including the Christmas music concert, spelling bees, and essay and art contests.

Math Specialist
St. Boniface boasts a volunteer math specialist who strives to improve the mathematics achievements of all students through work with individual students and small groups. At the end of the school year, a math fair promoting mathematics as a fun endeavor is held for the whole school in Sippel Hall.

Common Core
Per the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, all grades have adopted the Common Core standards. Emphasis is placed on thinking "outside the box," to problem solve in everyday life.

Tracked Math
In middle school, students are placed into math classes according to their abilities and needs. Some students are placed in a program whereby Pre-Algebra is completed in 8th grade. Others are placed in an accelerated program which allows them to complete Algebra I in 8th grade (normally a Freshman year math class). The mathematics curriculum at St. Boniface School builds an excellent foundation for high school and provides the opportunity for all students to succeed, while feeling confident in their abilities, and proud of their achievements.

Accelerated Reader, STAR, & Early Literacy Testing
St. Boniface employs the Star Testing and Accelerated Reading Program. Students are given STAR Reading and math tests three times per year to measure student growth, and determine accurate reading levels. Students use the web based Accelerated Reader program to find appropriate books within their level.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)
The D.A.R.E. program is administed to our 5th graders by a police officer from the Germantown Police Dpartment. Students look forward to these classes with everything from the special t-shirt for the year to the very important graduation ceremony in the spring. Our students learn the value of making good, sound, and healthy decisions which protect them and keep them safe.