Daily School Details

School Hours
Full day K3 through 8th Grade: Monday through Friday 7:10 a.m. – 2:25 p.m.
Morning Half Day K3, K4, and K5: Monday through Friday 7:10 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.


We offer hot lunch through the Germantown public school system. Lunches are prepared at Germantown High School and delivered to St. Boniface School. The price of $4.00 per lunch includes milk. The cost to purchase milk separately is $0.35 per carton.

School Uniform Policy

St. Boniface Catholic School has a user-friendly uniform policy which supports the philosophy that school uniforms symbolize respect for authority and order, as well as the idea of basic equality in the eyes of God. Students in grades K4-8 are expected to be in proper uniform dress each day.

The students are granted out-of-uniform days once a month (usually the first Tuesday). Additional out-of-uniform days are awarded as prizes throughout the school year and occasionally the opportunity for an out-of-uniform day can be traded for a nominal donation in support of a charity.

The uniform for boys consists of navy or khaki pants (or shorts) with a belt combined with a red, white or blue collared shirt. Girls are able to wear a plaid uniform jumper or navy or khaki pants (or shorts) with a belt combined, with a red, white or blue collared shirt. Girls in 5th through 8th grade substitute the plaid uniform jumper for a plaid skirt. St. Boniface crew neck sweatshirts may be worn anytime as long as a uniform collared shirt or turtleneck is worn underneath. The complete uniform policy is provided in the parent handbook.

Busing is provided by GoRiteway to areas in Germantown, Jackson and Richfield. Please contact the school office at (262) 628-1955 for a map of our busing service areas or contact GoRiteway with your address for confirmation of busing availability.

Flexible Kindergarten Programming
Children are beginning to read, write, and use technology at the earliest age in history. St. Boniface has responded to this trend by offering a full day K3 program. Parents will now have the valuable option of providing their child with a top-notch education at the age of 3. To remain flexible for all families, St. Boniface continues to offer proven excellent educational opportunities in part-time and full-time options for K3, K4, and K5 programs.

Kids Klub After-School Program
After-school care is provided on-site by the Germantown Park and Recreation Department. Care is available after school until 6 pm daily for a nominal rate per day. This fee includes a snack. Programming is also available on early release days and scheduled days off. For more information, please contact the Germantown Rec Department at (262) 250-4710.