First Eucharist Preparation

The best gift we receive in this life - Jesus himself.

In the celebration of Mass we hear the Liturgy of the Word, offer our prayers and are participants in the Last Supper - the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Jesus' life, death and resurrection are shared within the faith community as we receive the Body of Christ and his Precious Blood.

Participate in sacramental preparation rooted in family life, supported by classroom catechesis and celebrated within the church community.

We believe children celebrating First Eucharist need an appreciation of the awesome gift they will receive. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee recommends children participate in a faith formation program for at least one year before entering into sacramental preparation. First Eucharist preparation begins in second grade; therefore, formal faith formation should begin by first grade. Here at St. Boniface we are fortunate to have faith formation classes for K4 through high school.

Please note: Family participation in all aspects of First Eucharist preparation is required.