First Reconciliation Preparation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation celebrates God’s mercy and forgiveness. It reflects the everyday experience of feeling sorry, making up for wrong doing, and the resolution we live out in our families, with friends and in the community. It returns us to right relationship with God and others. Forgiveness is a big part of daily family life, so parents play an integral part in the preparation of their children for this sacrament. Faith Formation ministers, teachers, and catechists support parents in their role as primary teachers and witnesses of faith to their children.

The usual age for first reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation is second grade, before the reception of First Eucharist, both of which are usually received in the same program year. In order to be ready for the reception of sacraments, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee recommends that children be enrolled in at least one year of formal faith formation instruction immediately prior to their sacramental preparation year, or in first grade. St. Boniface offers families opportunities to develop faith in our day school and in our Faith Formation classes.