Reading and Explaining the Word of God

"When the Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself is speaking to his people, and Christ, present in his own word, is proclaiming the gospel. The readings of God's word must therefore be listened to by all with reverence; they make up a principal element of the liturgy. "  General Instruction of the Roman Missal, (GIRM) No. 29

Most people in a Sunday assembly hear the word of God only in that formal setting. Their only regular exposure to Scripture is from the lips of the lector and the priest. The lector provides effective proclamation of God’s Word in Scripture. The Lector is Jesus’ instrument for reaching that person or persons in the congregation that most needs to hear the Word as proclaimed by the Lector at the moment it is proclaimed. In addition to the words of the Scripture, themselves, the proclamation skills of the lector are required to maximize the impact of God’s Word on the individual(s). Merely reading the words aloud, even dramatically, will ring hollow compared to proclaiming the words because of one’s conviction as well as skill.  (More infor here)


  1. Participates as an active minister in the ritual of the Eucharistic Celebration.
  2. Uses the human voice, alone, to help convey the meaning and significance of the words in a passage from Scripture to the assembly, given its members’ varied backgrounds, ages, education, and religious maturity.
  3. Deals with a variety of textual items designed for various purposes – proclamation, prayer, public information, biblical language, and style.
  4. Acts as an example to others of the impact of faith on one’s personal living.


(In Preparation)

Lord, invest me with your power
as I prepare to proclaim the marvel of your message.
I have prepared my reading,
I have tried to take within me
the meaning of what I am about to proclaim.
Help me to proclaim, not just with my lips,
but with my whole heart and soul.
Lord, make me a hollow reed
so that your voice will be heard by all who hear me.
Free me of excessive concern over my performance.
Convert my feeling of nervousness and
turn all my apprehension into an energy
for proclaiming your word with power and authority.
May your Spirit live in me and
fill the holy word that I proclaim.

from "Prayers for the Servants of God" by Edward Hays