Liturgical Environment Commission

Join the Liturgical Environment Commission, both men and women needed!

Help us change the "liturgical" seasons ...

The Liturgical Environment Commission meets at 5:30 p.m.on the first Tuesday of the month, in the Rectory.

The work of those responsible for the liturgical environment is a ministry of the Church and for the Church. The art and environment of our place of worship is an integral part of the experience of our communal prayer, and can contribute to the beauty and richness of our encounter with the mystery of God among us. The ministry is not a task but a source of spirituality, and an expression of love of the Church, the Body of Christ.

We are looking for volunteers, both men and women, to join the Liturgical Environment Committee. This committee is in charge of the decoration of the Parish Center, primarily the Boniface Hall worship area and the hallway gathering space. These committee members set the visual tone for our liturgical celebrations with the use of flowers, live plants, drapery, banners, artwork and statues. The decorative style is set in accordance with the liturgical norms and seasons, and under the guidance of the Director of Liturgy and Music and the Pastor. The environment should enhance the liturgy by being in communion with the ministries of music, prayer and worship, hospitality and fellowship.

Please join this committee if you possess one or more of the following attributes:

· Someone who is physically fit, can climb on ladders, and lift and move large objects (such as plants and trees).

· Someone who can sew, clean, mend, organize and/or shop.

· Someone who can visualize, create and design, has an eye for color, scale, shape and texture.

· Someone who is a team player and can work in liaison with the Prayer and Worship Committee and the Director of Liturgy and Music.

· Someone who can be available for work sessions, set-up and clean-up times, either on a schedule or on an “as-needed” basis. (You do not have to attend every meeting.)

If you feel called to join this ministry, please contact the parish office. 262-628-2040.



May our labor of love in preparing the church environment for St. Boniface parish heighten the awareness of the festive, solemn or penitential natures of these seasons. 
May our human minds and hearts be stimulated by the sounds, sights and fragrances of the liturgical season to create powerful, lasting imipressions of the rich and abundant graces unique to each of the seasons
(Based on "Built of Living Stones" USCCB, 123)