Pastoral Council

What is Pastoral Council?

Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners chosen by the parish community to work closely with the Pastor to set policy, determine parish direction, oversee pastoral activities and temporal affairs as the parish works together to fulfill the mission of the Church.

What is the role of Pastoral Council?

Pastoral Council is a consultative body; a group commissioned to discern, proclaim and make visible the presence and action of the Sprit within our parish and the community at large. The council:

  • Develops and maintains the Parish Mission Statement.
  • Engages in a continuous process of pastoral planning.
  • After prayerful study and dialogue, develops policies concerning parish and pastoral matters.

Key Functions of Pastoral Council

 Spiritual Leadership

  • Articulate the parish mission.
  • Ensure the implementation of the parish mission.
  • Provide a model of prayerful leadership.

 Parish Direction

  • Determine the direction of the parish based on the Parish Mission Statement.
  • Advise the Parish Administrator/Pastor about issues pertaining to the mission.

 Policy Development

  • Develop policies that support the direction of the parish.
  • Communicate parish policies to appropriate groups.
  • Monitor the implementation of parish policies.


  • Assess parish needs and available resources.
  • Determine priorities and options.
  • Evaluate programs and services.
Pastoral Council Bylaws.
Pastoral Council Constitution.

Pastoral Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month, except in July.