Prayer & Worship

The mission of the Prayer and Worship Committee is to ensure that parishioners are provided with opportunities to enhance and deepen their faith through a variety of prayer experiences and liturgical celebrations.

Our responsibilities and duties on the Prayer and Worship Committee are varied. We work with Father Mike and the Director of Music to plan and prepare special liturgies for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and so on. We are involved down to the minutest detail, for instance, who will carry the cross? Who will attend the Chrism Mass? How many hosts will be needed?

We work with and support the music minister regarding the appropriateness and the participation of the parishioners in the liturgies. We recruit, train and schedule the lectors and the Eucharistic ministers. The ushers and the altar servers also fall under our umbrella. We plan the annual Remembrance Mass or Service in honor of recently deceased parishioners.

 A vital part of our mission is to ensure that the worship areas, both the Church and St. Boniface Parish Center, are maintained, furnished and decorated with dignity and reverence befitting the Eucharist, funerals, penance services, and more. With that in mind, we created a sub-committee, the Liturgical Environment Committee.  (See info here.)

As Christians, we are called to share our time, treasure and talent. We invite you to share your time and talent with the Prayer and Worship Committee and its various ministries. Leave your name and number at the rectory – we will contact you!