Missal of the Roman Rite


Do you have questions about some of the parts of the Mass from the Third Edition of the Roman Missal used at Mass since Advent of 2011?   We've been following these changes for awhile, but it is sometimes inspirational to be reminded about our participation in the Mass.  Find out about "And With Your Spirit" here!  About "Through My Most Grievous Fault" here!  About "I Believe" here!  "I Confess" and "Glory to God"  here!"For All," "For Many", "Cup" and "Chalice" here! "Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb"  here! (These short articles are by Dr. Edward Sri courtesy of the Catholic Education Resource Center and The Catholic Lane.)

This Revised Roman Rite is an opportunity to stop and reflect on what we are doing and to come to a better understanding of God, who does not change.

These changes are an opportunity to slow down a bit, learn more about the Mass, and give some thought to what is being said and done in the holy moments of the Liturgy.