School Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Sharing our Catholic faith within our school environment is what sets us apart. St. Boniface students live the Gospel each day. Catholic values and beliefs surround our students and help create a seamless framework of the values and beliefs from home to school.

Masses and Mass Participation
We celebrate Mass together as an entire school community on Fridays. Students are able to participate in these celebrations through the choir, readings and mass preparation. In 5th grade, students are able to become servers or acolytes.

Religious Vocation and Inspiration
We are proud to have a professed sister as a part of our staff, along with a priest who openly shares his vocation and encourages others to discern their vocations as well! All teachers continue their own Catholic education through in-services, prayer experiences, classes, and retreats.

Sacramental Preparation
Within our school community we are happy to prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist (Communion) in the 2nd grade. This preparation is received within the religion curriculum of our school day, but also includes the whole parish community in prayer, a bread day retreat experience, and the reception of the sacraments. The sacrament of reconciliation is received each year during the Advent and/or Lenten Seasons of our Church year. Receiving the Eucharist is the biggest part of our identity as Catholics and we are happy to be nourished in this sacrament as a school community each week.

Middle School Theology
Sixth graders study and become familiar with the Old Testament and the covenant promise made to Abraham and carried out until the coming of Jesus. Seventh graders study the four gospels: writers, characteristics of each gospel, the audience for whom they wrote, and the perspective of that community as they experienced Jesus in their time, their culture, and their society. Both classes read and reflect on the three Scripture readings for Sunday’s mass. We also take time to learn the story of Jesus’ life and Mary’s role in the salvation story during October, the month of the rosary. Eighth graders study the Acts of the Apostles and Church History up to the present day. Other ideas and topics are discussed which are prompted by “the Spirit.”

Service Projects
All middle school students serve as valuable contributors to the school, parish and community. Students raise funds for charitable organizations and participate in a variety of service activities including: celebrating liturgies with senior members, hosting a breakfast in the Parish Center after Mass, assisting with donations to the Food Pantry, assisting with performances in Sippel Hall, and lending a helping hand at any time when a request is made.