SCRIP is Easy – SCRIP is for Everyone!

Participate!  No cost to you!

Would you like to:

  • Get tuition assistance for your child’s education?
  • Help pay for the education of your grandchild, niece, or nephew?
  • Assist others to educate their children at St. Boniface?
  • Donate to your parish?

Participate in the Scrip program, and do all of these things!    Scrip is a way for everyone to participate in fundraising for our Parish and School.   What is Scrip?  Scrip is just another name for the gift cards sold by hundreds of businesses.  When you shop with gift cards purchased through our Scrip program, you benefit St. Boniface – at no cost to you!  


How it Works

It starts with rebates.  A rebate is the difference between the face value of a gift card and what St. Boniface pays for the gift card.  You earn rebates by purchasing Scrip gift cards from the ShopWithScrip website or from our stock of gift cards (aka “Scrip-to-Go” ) available after Sunday mass.  We track these rebates (less the 30% we take to run the program) as they accumulate in your Scrip account over the course of our fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  At the end of the year, we distribute your accumulated rebates according to the options you’ve specified on your Scrip Purchase Agreement form.   That’s it.   There’s more detail on the program here including information on:

  • Electronic forms of Scrip (think barcodes on your smartphone)
  • Scrip Reloads (add money to the balance on your existing physical Scrip gift card)
  • Specifics on ordering and paying for your gift cards.


Get Started Today!

 Download a “Scrip Purchase Agreement” form here, then drop your completed form into one of the Scrip boxes just inside the Parish hall – or scan your completed form and send it to [email protected].    You’ll be contacted within 24 hours by the Scrip Administrator with information on getting started in the program.


Need a Scrip-to-Go order form?

 Get it here.