Tuition and Registration

Tuition and Registration Information

The St. Boniface Commitment

St. Boniface Catholic School offers a comprehensive educational experience. We are proud of the fact that our tuition includes most extranious fees to avoid the "nickel and dime" feeling of additional and often excessive fees. We also offer payment plans to assist families with budgeting their payments and financial assistance.

Tuition Schedule

2022/2023 Total Cost
per family
K3 - 5 Days, Full Days $6,969
K3  - 5 Days, Half Days (mornings) $4,252
K3 - 3 Days, Full Days (TWTh) $4,252
K3 Material Fee $115
K4 - 5 Days, Full Days $6,325
K4 - 5 Days, Half Days (mornings) $4,129
K4 - 3 Days, Full Days (TWTh) $4,129
K4 Material Fee $115
K5 Half Day (5 days) $3,208
Per Family Educational Programming Fee $200
K5 Full Day through 8th Grade  
1 student $4,665
2 students $8,469
3 students $11,050
4 students $12,977

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Tuition Reduction

St. Boniface offers the Scrip program which reduces the cost of tuition for individual families as well as a number of fundraisers to offset budget expenses or make academic advances.

The St. Boniface Scrip Program (Tuition Reduction)
The Scrip program is a simple and effective fundraiser that involves the purchase of gift cards from hundreds of local and national merchants. Each merchant sells the gift cards at a discounted rate ranging from 2% to 20%. The cards are sold for their face value and the discount is used to benefit the parish, school and faith formation programs. 70% of this profit can be used as a tuition credit, while the remaining percentage supports the parish and the scrip program. Families have earned over $1,000 annually towards their tuition by purchasing Scrip for stores where they routinely shop (grocery stores, gas stations, local restaurants, etc).

Apple Pie Sale
All St. Boniface school families are required to participate in our annual “Apple Pie Sale” through pie sales and working at least three-three shifts during the apple pie production in October. The money raised may be used to supplement field trips, major purchases for the school, and other budget items.

The bi-annual auction is an evening event featuring a silent auction, classroom gifts auction, voice auction, raffles and entertainment. Proceeds from the event are earmarked for specific purposes to benefit our school and parish community. Monies raised in the past have funded the purchase of student and teacher Chromebooks and laptops, Smart TVs, and other technology and infrastructure upgrades.

Grapes & Grains Event - Beer and Wine Tasting
This bi-annual event (opposite year from dinner auction) is a casual evening featuring beer and wine tasting, hors d'oervres, silent auction, and raffles. Proceeds from the event benefit our school and parish community.