Visits to the Homebound and Healthcare Facilities

Those among us who are sick, homebound, disabled, elderly or who find themselves in personal or family crisis situations are a special concern to the St. Boniface Parish family.  We welcome calls to the Parish Office to let us know your needs.  262-628-2040.

Our Eucharistic Ministers represent the parish by bringing the Blessed Sacrament to those who are physically unable to participate in our celebration of the Mass. We use the rite of Communion for the Sick by sharing a Scripture reading and distributing Eucharist to those in the hospital, assisted living centers, nursing homes or homebound. We keep them connected to the parish family by bringing a parish bulletin, parish news and concerns.

Any parish member who has been confirmed, may be a Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound.  We would be happy to receive your assistance in this important ministry to the sick.

Family members, please be sure to call the Parish Office at 262-628-2040 to let us know if a loved one is hospitalized or homebound.